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#SongbirdStories: The Rest from the Nest of #SocialMedia

Well it's February and after having missed out on one of these last week - oops! - we're back with some of the week's best stories for you to all enjoy in bite sized chunks. A lot has been going on with Twitter this week so be prepared for a lot of tweet stories ahead.

Hugh Jackman Reveals He Has Skin Cancer on Facebook

It seems like social media has been the bearer of bad news about a lot of our favourite celebrities this year but this time it's the celebrity himself warning people about cancer. The Australian actor posted a photo of himself on Facebook with a plaster on his nose warning people to wear sunscreen and get regular check-ups. This is a celebrity using social media to help get people to pay attention but the arguments in the comments about whether sunscreen is actually good for you or suggest some people are still getting mixed messages. Fortunately he only has the mildest form of skin cancer but it was a brave thing for the man to post. 

MySpace Brought By Time Inc

Once a social media giant, My Space is now a site mostly focused on music, entertainment and articles. You can still register to the site but it's nowhere near what it once was. Now the company has been brought by Time Inc who hope to use the user details on the system, probably to try and advertise their magazines some more but they haven't explicitly said why they want it. It makes you wonder how many of our details are still on the My Space system even all these years later.

#FeelTheBarn - Australians Are Unhappy With Their Deputy Prime Minister

I'm sure you'll have come across the hashtag #FeelTheBern at some point over the last few months. It was coined in support of the Democratic Party leader candidate Bernie Sanders over in the US. But a single letter change and suddenly, for the Australians, it's something a lot more mocking. Barnaby Joyce, the man who threatened to kill Johnny Depp's dogs last year, became the Deputy Prime Minister due to the resignation of the National party's leader this week. Many Australian's were unhappy with the news and turned to Twitter to voice their complaints with the hashtag #FeelTheBarn. It was only a one letter change but it makes a big difference between support and a joke.

Messi To Meet His Plastic Bag Wearing Fan

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the young Messi fan who, as he couldn't afford a shirt, wore a plastic bag with Messi's name and number on. It was suggested then that Messi might try and meet the boy and when it was discovered he was in Afghanistan, they started to put the plan into action. He was invited to the main football stadium in the country and given a Barcelona shirt before he was able to take part in drills. He has yet to actually meet Messi himself but hopefully he'll have more luck then the young disabled girl who Barcelona recently cancelled the meet and greet he was supposed to have with her.

Meet Hijarbie

A Muslim blogger named Haneefah Adam has become a social media sensation since she started posting pictures of a Barbie doll wearing a hijab two months ago. The account features Barbie in miniature versions of real outfits. There are some cute styles on there but she has faced some controversy considering she is a Nigerian woman using a white doll and the fact she is promoting the wearing of a hijab to young girls. The hijab has been pushed on some women in some places and though young girls do not have to wear them, some people feel like this is giving the wrong message even if Haneefah herself chooses to wear the hijab. You can see all the different looks on the Hijarbie account here.

Twitter Wants To Fix The @ Reply Feature

Twitter feel that the way the current @ feature works is scaring users away due to typos and the 140 character limit. They're planning on bringing in a new algorithm which seems like it'll essentially allow users to @ people through a system list probably similar to Tumblr's method of @ linking people where you start typing the name in and a list of users with that word in their username pops up. No other information has been released so far.

LGBT Stickers and Emojis To Be Removed From Indonesian Social Media

Now homosexuality isn't actually illegal in most of Indonesia but recently the government have complained about stickers and emojis on various social media that showcase positive LGBT messages. The Asian messenger app Line have agreed to remove the stickers from their store and the Indonesian government are lauding them for it. It's now been put to Facebook to remove the emojis they have seemingly depicting gay couples and families if not from the service in general but from the Indonesian servers. Facebook have yet to comment on this request and there haven't been any punishments suggested for what would happen if they don't. It's completely ridiculous but there you go.

Facebook Removes Account Belonging To "King" Arthur

Arthur Pendragon is a 61 year old ex-biker from Salisbury and this isn't the character of Arthurian legend that we all know and love. Johnny Rothwell legally changed his name to Arthur Uther Pendragon back in 1986 and that is the name on his passport and drivers licence but Facebook doesn't believe that's his real name. Pendragon actually believes he is a reincarnation of the legendary character and believes that druid groups are reporting him and getting his account deleted. When he contacted Facebook to reinstate his account they told him his ID was fake so it's understandable that he's annoyed. The fact he insists he's someone that we have no confirmation as to whether they were real or not is kind of odd but it goes to show how strict Facebook are about proving you're real.

Apple CEO Posts A Blurry iPhone Photo On Twitter

Tim Cook posted a photo from the Super Bowl using his new iPhone and people couldn't help but notice how blurry it was. Many people took to Twitter making fun of the photo and iPhones and it was hilarious. Then Cook deleted the tweet and phone. This kind of makes sense as, obviously, kind of embarrassing for him and the company. But now he's gone as far as to block people who mention his photo. It's all way too much and if it's not a case of someone taking something too seriously on social media then this is.

Bill Clinton Took Over Wife Hilary's Instagram For The Day

It's not the first time a supporter of Hilary's has taken over her Instagram on the campaign circuit and I doubt it'll be the last. This time it was her husband Bill's turn. As a former president you would think he'd know what possible supporter's want to see but instead he posted three very boring photos. One of them eating breakfast, one of him in the snow and one of him taking the stand. Of course the comments are filled with people making fun of him for his indiscretions during his presidential term so really, might not have been the best person to have supporting her. But then again, Lena Dunham probably wasn't a smart choice either.

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