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#Celebrities Beg Wall Street to Save @Twitter at #Crunchies #Awards


Twitter is not having the best time of it right now. Despite everything they've been doing to counterbalance it, their share prices continue to drop and the Wall Street crowd continue to devalue them. We don't want Twitter to die, it's still a fantastic resource for journalists, sports coverage and breaking news, and every now and again you get to see J.K. Rowling eviscerate somebody naive enough to try and call her out on something.

Evidently though, nobody wants Twitter to kept alive more than celebrities, especially TV stars. In a special one-off video for TechCrunch's Crunchies Awards, actress and comedienne Chelsea Peretti (the sister of Jonah Peretti, who founded BuzzFeed) gathered together a rag tag assembly of celebs best known for shows like Veep, Conan and 24, as well as her co-stars from Brooklyn Nine-Nine to beg Wall Street to give Twitter another chance.

Their reasoning is somewhat sound, at least to begin with, but before long it descends into subjective ridiculousness, like grossly overstating the value of having Jose Canseco as a follower, or in Terry Crews's case, just crooning and shaking his ass about. Mostly though, they're all worried about verification, I mean, they worked so hard for it, right? What happens to them once the verification goes away? Do they stop being celebrities? I shudder to think.

It's an amusing video, although it's unlikely to help Twitter's case any. It is fairly impressive that they managed to rope Juliette Lewis in and she lasted the entire length of the video without doing anything crazy, so that's at least worthy of note. The Crunchies are characteristically silly anyway, so this kind of thing is to be expected, but it acts as a kind of grim reminder that we might soon be looking at a world devoid of Twitter.

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