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Fitness Instagrammer Shows How Easy it is to Fake Before & After Photos

For generations people have been trying to take pictures of themselves at the best angle, or in the right lighting and generally just in a way that will immortalise them somehow looking better than they feel they really look. People will suck in their guts, lean back against something or turn their head just so. It's something that we may sometimes make fun of but it's something that nearly everyone who takes a photo of themselves will do.

So why do we seem to forget that when we're viewing photos on social media?

In modern society it's so easy to have body image issues. You see pictures of models in magazines and then you see these seemingly perfect photos on Instagram and you're jealous. You don't see the people in the pictures either sweating after their work out or - as Jessica Pack points out - the 30 seconds before they alter their posture to seem slimmer, curvier, or more toned. Instagram is great for sharing those moments on your life that you want to memorialise and showcasing a major weight loss may be one of those things. But if you weren't exactly big in the first place then it can take all of 30 seconds to make yourself look a lot better and all it takes is a change of posture. And even seeing this can make people ashamed that their own body isn't so perfect.

It's important to note that Pack herself never pretended this was an actual transformation photo. She says in the description what she is and doing and describes how she does it. She says that she is doing this because she needs to be more honest, more confident in what she posts. She will always try and show the best pictures of her but she wants to share the not so good too. Many other women have decided to do the same thing, to show how easy it is to improve how you look for a so called before and after picture. 

All these women are trying to say is that women should be more honest about their pictures so they can feel better about themselves. Pack basically just wants people to be a little more aware and a little more confident. She's not shaming anyone but thinks that people need to be honest about what they post. If you're not really completely toned then don't pretend you are but that doesn't mean don't stand in a position that makes you feel a little better about yourself. It's a fine line that's going to be really easy to cross but Pack just feels that women should be able to be more confident in their looks and less embarrassed about their bodies. Getting fitter can be something to be proud of but only if you're doing it right and not cheating yourself.

It's unlikely that Pack's message will make a difference but it's nice to see that someone is trying to spread the message of body positivity around.

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