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Blue Steel Overload as Zoolander takes over the Barbie Instagram Account

The marketing push behind the release of Ben Stiller's long-awaited comedy sequel Zoolander 2 has been unavoidable, with his signature Blue Steel pose taking up every corner of the internet and some of the world's best known fashion icons getting in on the act. His latest collaboration, however, is just pure genius.

Instagram - @BarbieStyle
When the entire premise of your film revolves around the ridiculous expectations, massive egos and fake personalities often encountered in the fashion world, one name you can't just skip past is Barbie. The iconic blonde body-shamer has often been called out for highlighting the darker side of modern beauty standards so it makes sense, as the Mattel brand continues attempts to modernise it's image, that they would join Stiller in poking fun at some of the older, outdated perceptions of beauty that they themselves helped to perpetuate.

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The posts, shared to both Barbie's Instagram and Zoolander's own, follow the plastic pair as they attend spa days, relax in the sun and snap selfies, with Owen Wilson's Hansel and Penelope Cruz' Valentina making guest appearances along the way. The snaps take a playful tone, and continue to post in character as Derek Zoolander himself, with his over-the-top personality being perfectly represented as he continues to showcase himself, Barbie and others looking "really, really, ridiculously good-looking".

Overall, the takeover perfectly captures both the tone of the film and the personalities of the characters involved. The partnership with Barbie is, in my opinion, inspired, and could do Mattel a serious favour in terms of moving away from negative stereotypes and sentiments now associated with the brand. The campaign, as well as being a solid marketing ploy for the film, also shows that Mattel are aware of the problems in their industry and hopefully means that they will continue their push to combat the body-shaming culture that is still rampant in society today. In the meantime, we can all admire her Blue Steel.

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