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Twitter Advertising Using Fan Tweets

With tweets already being used in articles it makes sense that eventually companies would want to use them for advertising. What better a recommendation then seeing your best friend say this service is awesome? We all tweet positive reviews when we're happy with a service we've gotten but they're likely to get mixed in with the bad comments which are not what companies are going to want easily accessed by the public. To tackle this Twitter's plan is to pull together a database of positive tweets that brands can tap into. Viewers would be able to click into them and after seeing a normal ad, they'd see a carousel of user's positive tweets. The only worrying thing is that this doesn't give people looking for information a complete view of the brand but then again, you're also never going to get that from someone advertising their products.

You don't even have to worry that your tweets are going to be twisted or used without permission. Twitter knows that the tweets that get published on their site aren't their intellectual property so they will have to Direct Message you on behalf of the marketer. If you don't want your tweet used for that service then you say no and it won't. It's simple really. Your tweets will be used to advertise in the local area so you won't even have to worry about the knowledge being too widespread.

This new advertising strategy was shared with CES attendees last week and the information was passed on by a market insider. Twitter have yet to comment on the plan but the public response seems to generally be positive right now. Nothing has been shared that suggests a possible release date so far but it’s something that companies who use Twitter should keep an eye out for as it could really help your business.

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