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Who Needs Periscope When You Have Twitter?

Nobody, apparently.

The Guardian

Twitter have announced this week that Periscope videos will now appear in user's news feeds on iOS phones. Not only will you be able to watch the videos of anyone you follow on Twitter, they'll play automatically so...I guess you'll always know there's a video there. Provided you have the sound on.

For some this seems like a good thing. The integration means that people will no longer need to download the Periscope app to watch the videos on mobile and people who wish to comment and send hearts will be able to do so by opening the video full screen and using their Twitter account. As someone unlikely to live stream something and who therefore wouldn't want to download Periscope, this is a good thing. But for dedicated Periscope users, it’s not so good.

Users had hoped that Twitter would build on Periscope like they did Vine but that hasn't happened. Integrating the videos in the feeds makes Periscope pretty much useless unless you want to stream yourself which will likely put off some users.

The other main issue is that Periscope videos are live streams and Twitter plans to have them automatically play. They say it's so you're in the moment and keeping up with the app in real time but what if you're low on data or don't want to watch that particular stream? There is an option within the settings that allows you to stop video from automatically starting but it doesn't seem like a smart move to have the automatic play as the default setting on a live stream, not when they can last for hours.

However having live stream integrated into the main news feed puts Twitter way ahead of Facebook in one aspect. Facebook does give users the chance to stream in a different app but it doesn't automatically appear on the timeline. For some users this will probably make it worth it. Users are always looking out for new features on their favourite apps and the way Twitter appear to have been going recently, people are going to be hoping to see something good.

This feature still needs to be toyed around with a little but it's something that might draw a few people back to Twitter.

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