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The 'Little Voices' App - Keeping Twitter Tidy

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It might seem ridiculous to yearn for the days of 'old Twitter', but of all the social media platforms, Twitter has been the one where change has been the most unwelcome. The simplicity of the feed used to be one of the most attractive aspects of it, but now it's been cluttered by image and video content, emojis and conversation threads. It's a common complaint, and one that exemplifies Twitter's limited understanding of their own appeal.

Happily, many people out there understand the appeal perfectly, and some of them are app developers. Little Voices, a free app for iOS, addresses the incoherent mess Twitter has become by filtering your feed down until it looks much like it would have done back in the days of yore (so, like, 2009). Once downloaded, you can use it to scroll through your Twitter as normal, but only plain text tweets appear, all the other bells and whistles are gone.

From an active point of view, all the app enables you to do is tweet, reply and favourite other tweets, that's all. While this makes sense within the context of the app, it's surprising that retweeting isn't enabled. Ultimately though, this is intended as a companion to Twitter, rather than a filter for it to be used all the time. If you just want to scroll through your recent tweets to see what's going on, Little Voices is ideal, anything more than that and you're better off just using the normal platform.

What Twitter could learn from this is that the platform is far more aesthetically pleasing when it's stripped down. Options to change viewing settings on the fly would be a very welcome addition to the service, and they would mean that you could get the same experience Little Voices offers without any of the limitation. Most people use Twitter as a ticker more than anything else, and they would do well to demonstrate an understanding of that, even if it does run counter to all their Vine and Periscope machinations.

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