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#ShirtlessShamers2016 Highlights Hypocrisy on Twitter

For some people posting a photo of themselves in their underwear or something similar can be a positive thing. It allows them to show that they're comfortable with how they look and that they're confident even if certain types of people say they shouldn't be. But a little over half of people looking will be people who claim to be against it, who will judge you for them even if they do the same themselves or secretly enjoy your pictures a little too much. This sort of response is crude and uncalled for and unfortunately, it's mostly men doing it to women.

The hashtag #ShirtlessShamers2016 was started by Lindsey of CardsAgainstHarrassment. You might have heard of her or recognise her from her videos last year where she'd hand out cards to men who would harass her in the street. She has made the cards accessible for anyone online and they are available from her website. On January 9th Lindsey posted a photo to her Twitter with a man's shirtless selfie and next to it, a tweet he had shared about "girls who post half naked pics online." Clearly he doesn't think that his words should apply to guys also.

This was the first of many tweets like this and they mostly follow the same formula. A man complains about women who post pictures of themselves not wearing much, Lindsey screen grabs the tweet and posts it next to one or more of that guy's own shirtless - or more - pictures and posts it usually with a sarcastic comment. It's a hilarious way to point out the double standard of some men - and unfortunately some women - however some of things Lindsey shares even she can't make a sassy comment about.

It's unfortunate that she feels the need to do this because it means that there are a lot of hateful, hypocritical people out there. After her initial spam she decided to slow down the posting schedule to one a day until she reaches 365 pictures or until she runs out. Sadly it doesn't look as if she will run out any time soon.

The response to her campaign is mostly positive and it's not only women and news sites who are for it. There are plenty of men out there too who understand what is going on and how it's wrong. They're willing to laugh at other guys who are nasty pieces of work too so surely that should mean that society should realise that they need to teach men not to be hypocritical about this.

Unfortunately it's still very few men who understand that insulting and threatening women for the way they look is wrong and the severity of the situation that #shirtlesshamers2016 highlights is still a very real problem. But for now enjoy the hilarity and share this among friends. It's about time that people pointed out the double standard and the men.

Rosina Brooker

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