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Google Removes Infected Ads From Play Store


Once again it's a sad time to be an Android user as hackers have found another way to gain access to people's phones. Back in September an app that had been placed on the Google Play store twice called Brain Test was actually found to be a virus. People would download the game thinking it would be entertaining, instead allowing the code access to their phone which at the minimum would give the app an automatic good rating to encourage others to use it.

This time around there were 13 different apps placed in the store, each of them different but once the infection was put in they published good ratings and background installed the other apps. What these apps aim to do is copy a few selected files from the app into a partition of your phone that cannot be accessed or cleared. This means the virus would be near impossible to remove.

The infected apps removed from the Play Store are: Cake Blast, Cake Tower, Eat Bubble, Piggy Jump, Jump Planet, Honey Comb, Crazy Block, Crazy Jelly, Tiny Puzzle, Ninja Hook, Just Fire, Hit Planet and Drag Box.

If you think your phone has been infected then the only way to get rid of the virus is to back up any important data you need and to re-flash your phone. A quick look into this shows that it might not be possible for phones with a sim card but you can contact your phone's manufacturer to ask for an image or a ROM of their system.

It took the developers several months to work out how to get their apps on the store and hopefully now they've been spotted again that the staff might be a little more cautious. It's taken two separate security companies to discover the same malware twice within several months and it is possible that the developers might try again. So always be cautious when downloading apps, even from a safe place like the Google Play store. Lots of good reviews on a game does not always mean that they're safe as you have no way of looking into the coding, so always think twice before you make your decision.

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