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Be Like Bill - Or Not

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There's always one meme or another being spread across the internet through various social media and the latest meme to join the list is Bill.

Bill is a stick figure that teaches people about social media etiquette, something that not everyone seems to feel the need to follow. You'll find his posts on a Facebook page that's been running since January 7th, but the response you'll see on there is mixed. You see for some the idea of Bill is probably more preferable then the reality.

There are lots of things that annoy us on the internet, from people constantly posting gym selfies to people re-posting chain messages just in case something bad happens, but in a way, doing those things is what makes those people who they are. And that is why a lot of people are getting annoyed with Bill. People don't like to be judged or told they can't do something just because it might annoy a few other people, and whether you find the memes funny or not, you'll probably find yourself guilty of at least one thing Bill disapproves of.

Bill's sudden appearance all over the internet can be attributed to Eugeniu Croitoru, a 23 year old man who specialises in geek and gaming memes. When he saw the avatar popping up on a lot of forums and becoming especially popular in Italy, Croitoru decided to post his own on his site Videogamemes about Star Wars. The response to that post was so massive that he decided to create the Facebook page and post more.

The only problem with a meme like Bill is that he's quite simple to copy. A few meme generators have appeared online and not only are people using those but they're also making their own to share their annoyance either at Bill or at political issues and other similar things. It's become a minefield and you have to be careful where you step when looking for Bill. Just a quick Google search and you can stumble across anything from Bill simply complaining about Facebook to Uma Thurman killing Bill or the fact Bill just isn't liked very much.


What this meme shows is that you shouldn't try and instruct people on how to behave using something like this. There will be people who get offended or try and use them for their own nefarious purposes and in a way, that's a problem with social media in general. It's a great place to share our thoughts and feelings but if one person shares something you said out of context you can get in a lot of trouble. So if you're planning on coming up with the next big meme then make sure it's something that can stay light and won't be used in a way that people could turn against you or anyone else.


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