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Clean Swipe - Tinder Adds an STD Testing Centre Finder

After entering into an ill-advised fracas with a sexual health foundation, Tinder are finally learning to actively address the fact that the very kind of activity it promotes involves a pronounced risk of getting the clap. As such, the American iteration of the app now includes a feature which tells you where the nearest STD testing centre is.

You have to go into the app's FAQ to actually find it, but you can also view it through the health and safety section on their website, which is handy if you're not actively using the app, but still want to get checked. The move is something of a compromise between Tinder and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, after the latter posted billboards across several metropolitan areas of America which directly linked Tinder to the spread of STDs.

The foundation have agreed to take the billboards down now that the centre finder is active. The finder itself though is far from perfect, since once you've found it on the FAQ, it redirects you to the link on the Tinder website, which in turn redirects you to the finder.

It's not a dedicated service run by Tinder, either, it's run by a company called Healthvana. Their finder is well established, and strongly advocated, but Tinder would do well to make it easier to see, and perhaps even expand the service to include links to sexual health sites like the CDC. There is some information present about vaccinations and contraception, but not a great deal.

It's understandable that Tinder wouldn't want to make all this too prominent on the app, being reminded constantly of genital warts or crabs is probably going to curtail your libido to some degree. Even bearing that in mind though, this still feels like lip-service, a minimal-effort attempt to stave off criticism and halfheartedly assure critics that they understand the risk associated with hook-up culture. Evidence of a direct link between Tinder and the rise in STDs is still debatable, but it would be naive to deny any correlation.

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