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#YouTube Seeking #TV Show Rights to Take on #Netflix and #Amazon

To be honest, I'm kind of surprised that this news has taken so long to surface. With Netflix and Amazon butting heads on a thunderous scale over the rights to air various TV shows, as well as pouring funding into their own respective projects, it seems like YouTube wouldn't dawdle in getting involved. They already offer an ad-free subscription service - the $9.99 per month YouTube Red - and movies are readily available for rent and purchase on the site.

According to various reports, representatives from Alphabet have been meeting Hollywood producers on behalf of YouTube, presumably to feel out what options are available, or even discuss pitches. It's likely that their interest is more targeted towards new material, at least in the long term, but they'll need to snap up the rights to some current shows if they want to get the ball rolling. As you might expect, any information about which shows they might be eyeing is being kept very, very quiet.

Google Play already has a good working relationship with Hollywood, especially Disney, as last year they signed a deal to feature over 400 films on their cloud-based 'movie locker' for Android devices. YouTube won't necessarily be after exclusive hosting rights for anything, more something that can work in conjunction with theatrical, network and home releases. The advantage of doing it through a platform like YouTube is that it serves so many other functions already, and doubles as a kind of social media platform.

Much like Facebook, YouTube are looking to expand their reach in such a way that basically all the content you'd ever want to access is on there, ready to go. Their increased embedding functionality, connection to Google and mind-blowing viewing figures already testify to how prevalent the service is. Whether or not anyone will actually trust them over Netflix is another matter.

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