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#YouAintNoMuslimBruv - Man's Words After Attack On Tube Go Viral

This week yet another attack, classed as terrorist, happened on the underground in Leytonstone. One man was severely injured after someone stabbed him in the throat and another also had minor injuries.. Having been rushed to hospital and treated, the injuries are reported as not life threatening for the victim. The suspect had supposedly screamed 'This is for Syria' before lashing out on the crowd.

Someone present at the scene, filming the arrest shouted the words 'You're not a Muslim bruv, you're an embarrassment' in response to the stabbing. The man's words are now being used as the hashtag #YouAintNoMuslimBruv and is trending fast. People have taken to Twitter with it and are in total support of those words. For months now Muslims have been trying to defend that these terrorist attacks do not anything to do with them, using #NotInMyName. It has been a never ending battle of people misunderstanding the true meaning of being a Muslim and that terrorism cannot be linked to Islam. In fact Muslims are strongly defending the fact that terrorism may not have a religion. The words of this man have really hit the nail on the head for some.

It was the most banal way someone could have put it but somehow it has summed it up. He has said what many have been thinking. This happened while the suspect was being tasered and arrested. The hashtag is riding alongside all the others that have been shared thousands of times over the past few years like #BlackLivesMatter, #JeSuisCharlie and #IllRideWithYou. And that is to state only a few. It has brought back the idea that ISIS does not mean Islam and hopefully this time, we will all be able to make the difference for good. It seems a little extreme to think that this one hashtag could do that, but with the response it has had, I truly believe that people might stop and think about it.

Strong opinions are arising again over the use of the hashtag, as some are quite reluctant to it being used. Some would prefer to see a different one for other people who assisted the public when the attack happened. David Pethers tackled the suspect even after he had been cut in the neck and some are saying that he is the true hero in the story, not the passerby who happened to shout those words.

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