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No, #KimKardashian 's New Baby Isn't Called #StormDesmond

The Mirror
Schools, hospitals and travel services in the north of England have been terribly disrupted by winds and floods as a result of Storm Desmond. Meanwhile, social media users have been on tenterhooks waiting for the release of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new baby son's name. It seems somewhere along the line these two dramatic (I use that adjective sarcastically in regards to the latter) news items have got twisted, with Twitter users believing that the trending hashtag #StormDesmond was in no way related to severe weather, and instead pertained to the celebrity couple's new arrival.

Kanye and Kim announced the birth of their new addition on kimkardashianwest.com this weekend. The as yet uncaptioned little West has been one of the highlights of social media over the past few days, as has the drastic weather conditions in the UK. People have been speculating for a while about the name of the A-list couple's baby, with the odds-on favourite being 'Easton' in a nod to their daughter's orientation-inspired moniker.
         #StormDesmond is trending (an actual storm) and people think it's the name of Kim Kardashian's          new baby. I give up on humanity 😂
         — India Jasmine (@IndiaJasminee) December 6, 2015

So rest assured knowing that no, Kanye and Kim's lovechild is not named Storm Desmond, but is more than likely name something as equally random.

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