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Tinder to Encourage NHS Organ Donors

Tinder is made for matches. And for the next two weeks, some that you may not expect. For the dating app is teaming up with both British celebrities and the NHS in a bid to attract a younger age group of potential donors. In a bid to combat the list of over 7,000 patients awaiting an organ, profiles of high-profile young celebrities such as MIC star Jamie Laing and Olympic Gold medallist Jade Jones have emerged featuring 'The Wait' logo in order to attract Tinder's 18-35 demographic.

Users who swipe right on the VIP profiles will receive a message that reads: "If only it was that easy for those in need of a life-saving organ to find a match." In the past decade, over 6,000 people have died whilst waiting for an organ. 

Browsing Tinder may seem like a fairly vacuous activity to most, so to implement it to raise awareness for a very just cause is a clever coupling. By taking the issue of organ donation completely out of context and applying it to Tinder through a comparison of 'matching', it is hoped that young people will think more about donation.

Hermione Way, Tinder's head of European communications, said: "Tinder users regularly make the decision to swipe left or right wondering whether someone may be the person they are looking for. While those swiping decisions are important and could be the first step to a successful relationship, we hope that the NHS profiles featuring Jamie, Jade and Gemma will encourage people to make and act upon a different decision too - to sign up as an organ donor."

Sally Johnson, director of organ donation and transplantation at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “While a third of the UK population have registered their intention to donate on the NHS organ donor register, millions more support donation but haven’t taken the final step to sign up.

“With the help of these bespoke profiles on Tinder, we’ll grab people’s attention and throw a spotlight on the importance of organ donation. Joining the register takes only a couple of minutes – about the same amount of time as a few swipes on Tinder.

“The best part is knowing that you could save or improve up to nine individuals’ lives in the future.”
Using social media reach for a good social objective like this is applaudable, and it can only be hoped that others continue to follow suit.

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