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The Classic Annoying Christmas Posts That You Will Be Seeing Again This Year

It's Christmas again! And that can only mean one thing for social media. Lots of lovely, lovely posts about the holidays. Whether it's the new pair of shoes you've got or Grandma's famous Christmas dinner, we're all going to get to hear about it in real time. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are generally used most at times like these, but sometimes, we could really do without the constant updates.

  • The first thing that gets on people's nerves whatever the time of year is the Christmas dinner picture taking. I must admit, I've done it. But at least make the picture worthy.You do of course have those who make it all arty and creative. Well, it's still your dinner. But good effort at least! I'm being a bit harsh. If you can take a decent picture of your Christmas dinner this year then you might be forgiven. This one hit the nail on the head. She's even made a story out of it, giving us a real reason to want to see her Christmas dinner in the first place. 

  • Now we get into the annoying phrases. #Blessed or 'The boy did good'. The second one, well, just ugh. And really, just say thank you to them. I'm sorry, but this one has to be my personal pet hate. I can deal with pictures of Christmas dinner, but not this. And also, if you're going to say you're blessed, please use it properly..

  •  I must admit this next one can be quite funny. Pictures of your dressed up animals. I may be full on guilty of this one. There had to be one! But a lot of the time the animals just look down right miserable and people feel sorry for them. But come on, some are just so cute!

Ok this one isn't happy...

Do we think dogs may be even funnier than cats?

  • But moving on! Another reason your timelines are going to be heaving is because of complaints. Yes, people do that. They complain about the fact that they may not have got the iPhone 6s they wanted. Well you know what I say to that? Grow up and be grateful because this is what people see.

  • Of course Christmas is that time of year when you have to go out with work, the family and then the in-laws. I can tell you now, we do not need to see all of the cocktails you drank, nor what EVERYONE had for pudding. One or a few nice ones will suffice. So make them good.

  • And last but not least, those who are going to make you guilty of not being out running at 6 a.m Boxing Day. If you want to be that crazy person, then fine, but don't make us feel like we should have come up with the idea too. Don't know about you, but Boxing Day is just an extension of Christmas Day, so more food! Exercise? Ah isn't that the New Year's resolution? Exactly, then one more week.

 There are so many more types of annoying posts, but these have to be somewhere at the top. Can we all just enjoy our Christmas? Yes, we want to share it on social media. I am the first to want to do that as all my family isn't in one place. But please people, just make them good posts. Because we're the ones having to read them. In fact I won't, because my phone will not be in use on Christmas Day! So have a good one guys.

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