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The Reddit Post That Brought Arnie and a Fan Together

We've seen a lot of these stories lately where super fans have had the opportunity to meet their biggest idols. There was Daniel Fleetwood who, just before he passed away, was given the chance to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens before its release and Jorja, who got to see Taylor Swift before she loses her eyesight. And all happy endings. This time we have another heart warming story.

Katie McCaffery longed to make her brother smile this Christmas and posted on Reddit about how much of a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger he is. It was even thanks to him that he became a weightlifter before he had to give it up after having been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He had become a bodybuilder despite his autism and learning difficulties thanks to his undying admiration for the actor. Todd has all of Arnie's films according to their mother Jenny and he 'loves to watch them over and over again'. Katie wanted to do everything she could to get her brother an autograph. So she tried to contact the Govenor and in her post on Reddit she said 'I want to see my brother's face light up on Christmas morning and an autograph from his idol is the only thing I can think of'.

After Katie's wish went viral people started to use #HelpTodd in support without her even realising. Her original post appeared on Reddit's r/Bodybuilding and she called it 'I'm not one of you but my brother was. Can you help me?' to which she had over 400 replies. People were adamant to help her get in contact with the actor and sure enough he eventually replied. He mentioned still being in Europe but was so pleased to see how powerful Reddit has been. He also commented on the fact that the messages may have filled up his inbox.. But all for a good cause right? He even sent a picture of a Christmas tree he drew to Katie directly accompanied with the message To Todd, much love. And after a video call, it has been arranged for a care package to be sent to Todd.

People were so inspired by her determination that they just could not help themselves but make sure her brother gets the perfect Christmas gift. And it will now be the most memorable Christmas ever for him.

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