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Muslim 'Mean Tweets' Tackle Online Islamophobia

As Jimmy Kimmel proves, watching well-known individuals read out mean things about themselves is pretty entertaining. Now a group of high-profile Australians have taken on the format to highlight online Islamophobia whilst having a bit of a laugh too. The Lebanese Muslim Association put together the compilation with the help of Australian Muslims from different professional backgrounds, such as politicians and journalists.

One of the people featured, MP Jihad Dib, read comments by users who seemed to take angst at his name. The comments featured are vast in their insultation: some are abusive and threatening, others are plain stupid, but pretty much all are unacceptably derogatory. Videos like this are a great way to dismiss the despicable vitriol some social media users come out with against specific individuals and groups. By victims of the abuse reading these messages out in a casual and blasé way, it nullifies their harmful potential.

“It can be quite emotionally and mentally exhausting to have to face this, especially on a daily basis like some of us do," said two of the producers of the Lebanese Muslim Association. They continued to say humour is one source of respite from the racist, angry tweets directed at them for no other reason than their religious faith.

Other groups who have used the 'mean tweet' format to discredit cyber bullies include US politicians, Manchester City players and country singers.

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