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New Social Networking App 'Sober Grid' Aims to Tackle Alcohol Addiction

As we approach the holiday season, those who have suffered from alcoholism in the past face an extreme challenge. Christmas is a time for merriment and many people choose to supplement that with a stiff drink or seven. Surrounded by their former demon, recovering alcoholics and teetotalers may find themselves in need of some extra support. Sober Grid provides just that.

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The app, which has been referred to as both 'Facebook for recovery' and 'Tinder for teetotalers', aims to offer a safe social network where people can give and receive support, connect with other users and keep track of their progress with a handy sobriety calculator. Other features will be more familiar to users of more well-known social networks, such as customisable profiles and sharing.

A couple of features really make the app stand out. First of all, the 'Need a Ride' button, which allows users to offer or request lifts to and from meetings and support groups. This could be very useful if you're wake-up call about alcohol consumption came via a DUI.
Another ingenious idea implemented on the app is the 'Burning Desire' button. This adds a red box atop your profile to indicate to other users that you feel your sobriety is in danger and you are in need of immediate support.

Through the use of 'Geosocial' elements, the app will also recommend profiles that are in close proximity to yourself, so that users can build up a local support network, or 'Grid', of like-minded individuals suffering through similar issues. Although they do offer the option to remain anonymous if you prefer.

The app is available to download for free, but includes in-app purchases and the option to subscribe to a premium account. Premium accounts allow access to a few extra features such as extra image memory (free accounts can only upload 1 image).

The initial reception of the app has been overwhelmingly positive, and the network shows real promise of actually providing the support so many of its current and potential users so desperately need. Hopefully, Sober Grid will continue to experience success and will be able to help many others over the course of its life.

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