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Chinese Star Wars Poster Largely Criticised After Black Character Is Minimised

Today the Chinese version of the Star Wars poster was released and has been slated by everyone as John Boyega's character Finn is minimised. On the original poster for the latest film The Force Awakens, the character appears on the right hand side in a reasonably large format. On the Chinese one he has been relocated to the lower part of the image, and is barely visible.

People have been called them 'racist' and have referred to the poster as a 'disgrace'. When you look closer you can see that most of the characters have been moved around, some are even devastated by the complete removal of Chewbacca. The Chinese may need to rethink the poster. Why did they even need to change the original anyway? That is the bigger question. And by doing so they have made it clear to the world that the character wasn't important enough to keep his dominant place. I don't know, in our day and age it seems a little extreme to think it was deliberate. But at the same time how could we not think it?

Chinese version of 'StarWars: The Force Awakens' poster downplays John Boyega.And totally removes Chewbacca .
Posted by Two-Nil Media on Monday, 7 December 2015

The controversy that it has created is surely enough for them to reconsider. They have shrunk one of the main characters, and it happens to be the only black actor. Someone linked this back to a hashtag #BoycottStarWars in relation to the fact that the film may be promoting the genocide of the white race. Well, it looks like China had a quite different opinion on the matter.

The official Chinese Star Wars poster has been released and it's a little racist. Remember #BoycottStarWars the hashtag...
Posted by A Class Industry on Wednesday, 9 December 2015

To top all of that, Facebook made a huge mistake when announcing the trend of the story. The original post read, 'Chinese poster appears to minimise African-American character'. Well that's a shame because John Boyega is British. and the character certainly in't African-American either.. It has been altered as a few users picked up on the errors, giving Facebook a bit of a lesson.  

Dear Facebook,I see you're having problems with the English language today. I'd like to help. Apropos of your...
Posted by Adam Shaftoe on Tuesday, 8 December 2015

"trending"... Star Wars: Chinese Poster Appears to Minimize African-American Character.I don't think the character is...
Posted by Alasdair Morrison on Tuesday, 8 December 2015

It's hard to say if anything will be done about it, but people are not happy. Can we just compare the posters? Finn has been shrunk, moved down and swapped with the Millennium Falcon, they have got rid of a pilot for the BB8 droid and Chewbacca has been removed altogether. So for all of our sake, let's hope that China reconsider the alterations and just stick with the original poster even if they have said that there were no racist intentions. If I were them, I would just swap it back. In the meantime, less than 10 days until the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

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