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#Facebook Introduce #OfflineMessaging to #MobileApp

Mobile social networking is only as good as your internet access when you're out in the world. Sure, 4G is plentiful across much of the world now, but it's still largely limited to cities and towns, once you move outside of that effective range, internet access often slips from available to limited to almost non-existent in no time at all.

Ever the ambassadors for perpetuated addiction, Facebook have now taken steps to address this irritating but completely understandable issue. In an update to the mobile app which will roll out location-by-location, they have enabled users to see new posts even when they're in poorly connected areas. Moreover, it also allows users to post comments when the signal is poor, they are saved and go up once the online access bulks back out again.

Putting aside the fact that this sounds like it could lead to a lot of comments which were relevant an hour before they appeared, but end up sounding utterly demented, it's pretty impressive. The app will be able to save new stories so that they're viewable offline, prioritised according to the preference algorithms that are becoming increasingly instrumental to the news feed. In the future, the app will be able to retrieve and log news stories constantly while the connection is good, making them viewable any time.

It's been abundantly clear for some time that Facebook have a strong vested interest in appealing to people that might not have consistently good internet access. This update will obviously appeal to people who travel around a lot, but it's likely also an olive branch for people who haven't yet gotten accounts because they live in a remote, rural environment with a terrible connection. Beyond that, this is also likely another way of bolstering their increasing claim on countries that either just got decent internet or don't have it at all, yet.

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