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#Twitter Extends #Ad Reach to its #LoggedOut Audience

International Business Times
One of the advantage that Twitter has over, say, Facebook, is that it's far easier to view content on the platform without being logged in, or even having an account. Obviously signing opens it up a lot more, but if you're just using it as a news resource, there's really no need. It's good for us, but perhaps not so good for Twitter themselves, and certainly not for their advertising affiliates. That's all about to change.

Twitter has over 500 million monthly online visitors without active accounts, and now they've figured out a way to squeeze some revenue out of them. Now, when a 'logged out' user clicks onto the site via Google or wherever else, they will see ads, either on the landing page or the profile of the person who tweeted. A big complaint from a lot of Twitter's ad partners is that their user base is not only comparatively small, but not consistently growing. This is a way of counteracting that issue without actually needed to take any further steps to build the audience of the coasting platform.


I've been saying for a while that Twitter is on the edge of extinction. I don't believe that to be true anymore, I think it's just plateaued. It has a consistent audience that will always turn to it for news and sports, and as long as it isn't overtaken in reliability, that audience will remain loyal. A large contingent of that audience is offline, and Twitter know that, otherwise they would have just restricted content viewing to those with accounts. This is one of the savviest moves they've made in quite some time.

It's certainly gone over well with Wall Street, who have been nothing but critical of Twitter in recent months, shares climbed by about 7% on Thursday. They clearly trust Twitter's confident claims that these ads will generate similar revenue figures as the ones targeted at their active users, it's a bit of a leap of faith, but it's not like Wall Street have ever backed the wrong horse before, right? RIGHT!?

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