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Facebook Drops Adobe Flash Player For HTML5

Even though Facebook claims they are not getting rid of Flash Player completely, the social giant has decided to move away from Adobe and use HTML5 player from now on. They have said that it will be more practical and that they are going to be able to develop their video usage further.

Since the takeover on December 19th, Facebook have stated that there has been a significant change in the amount of views, comments and sharing of videos for the better. This could be due to the fewer bugs, but it seems that since using HTML5 Facebook's videos have been more enjoyable to watch. Daniel Baulig from Facebook is also claiming that this change will eventually make it is easier for people with visual impairments. He also stated 'HTML5 made it possible for us to build a player that is fully accessible to screen readers and keyboard input'.

There are still issues to be resolved as Baulig also mentioned the existence of problems when HTML5 player is used in certain browsers. Originally the HTML5 player was only available on newer browsers because of this, but now it is available from all browsers. Despite the issues from some older browsers, the popularity of videos has still increased. Flash has lost its place but is still being used for Facebook's gaming. Facebook has said 'we are continuing to work together with Adobe to deliver a reliable and secure Flash experience for games on our platform'.

Flash was blocked a little while ago by Mozilla Firefox back in July, and users were insisting Adobe get rid of Flash for good. It was because of a potential hack and bugs in the program.

It was only really a matter of time before Facebook updated its video player too as it has had similar bugs and has caused users to move away from watching visual content. This new change has already proven to be successful and hopefully Facebook will be able to go ahead and make it even more accessible to users with visual impairments. They have already set up a descriptive feature for those who need it, so this is the next logical step. 'Moving to HTML5 best enables us to continue to innovate quickly and at scale, given Facebook's large size and complex needs' was what Facebook said about the change.

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