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Celebrating St. Andrew's Day on Facebook... with the Romanian Flag?!

This Monday did not only signal the beginning of the week - it was also St. Andrew's Day, and like many other important events in the calendar, Facebook was happy and willing to help you notice it. That is, however, until users noticed that the flag that accompanied the celebratory update wasn't that which you would expect - the Scottish Saltire - but instead the Romanian flag.

Credit to them, though - Facebook wasn't entirely wrong. That's because Romania, Greece, Russia, Ukraine and Poland and a few more all celebrate the day on the 30th November, as he too is their patron saint. It is, however, Scotlands official national day, meaning the status update probably should have bore the Scottish Saltire as the emblem.

And take it from us: it did not go unnoticed. People took to Twitter to note their confusion at the blunder:

wrong flag facebook god damm it — celebrating St. Andrew's Day
— alexscott (@alexscott6611) November 30, 2015
Jeez Oh, @facebook. Random Wednesday gets a camel for Humpday and you can't manage a wee Saltire for #StAndrewsDaypic.twitter.com/3Ena1v91qd
— Kevin Gilmartin (@KevinGilmartin) November 30, 2015
Umm... @facebook celebrates #StAndrewsDay with Romanian flag? pic.twitter.com/op0EmeheqW
— Kyle Sinclair (@kylesinclair7) November 30, 2015

Once the odd flag choice had gained some notoriety, Facebook amended the error. They told the BBC:

For a short period of time, the incorrect flag was used as the icon for people who said they were celebrating St. Andrew's Day on Facebook. This was due to a technical error and has since been fixed to show the Saltire.
Meanwhile, Google got the patriotism right from the offset, with their UK page featuring the Saltire as part of their animated doodle on the day. 

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