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Xmas Social Media Campaigns: How To Combine Good Tidings with E-Commerce

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As we previously reported, social media is extremely important to holiday themed campaigns. We've seen Halloween and Thanksgiving both pass us by - both almost minor blips in the calendar compared to the big daddy: Christmas. Like it or not, Christmas is intrinsically tied to shopping and spending, so what better time to rev up your social media campaigning to maximise your revenue. Data has found that 30% of online shoppers buy directly from messages they see on social sites, and 50% look to social media channels for festive influence. All of this means that this is the perfect time of year to make your mark with digital marketing.

The chart below (provided by Google) details the biggest spending days in the run up to Jesus' birthday that you won't want to miss:-

In light of this, here are our top tips for creating exciting and engaging content during the most wonderful time of the year:-

  • Deck the halls! Adorn your social media pages with festive banners, profiles, cover photos, pin boards - just about anything customisable. Why not add a count-down to Christmas too? This way you are keeping the festive season at the forefront of consumer minds. Many brands start the process as early as the beginning of November. 
  • Have a discount strategy. As previously mentioned, consumer spending is at its peak during the festive period, with the average UK family spending £796 on Christmas (as reported by Smart Energy GB). Therefore online users love a good discount or voucher code, so why not lighten the spending load by offering them at regular intervals? Be sure to make them visible across all channels, and to catch the biggest spending days - Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Manic Monday, Christmas Eve, etc. Sponsored ads will help your deals become visible to your target markets amongst your competitors. 
  • Track Mentions. If somebody mentions something you stock on, say, Twitter,  then let them know. Be sure to include unique hashtag and re-tweet the tips that anyone posts with this hashtag. You can use Sendible’s Monitoring feature to look out for keywords on the social web.
  • Gift. Christmas is all about giving, so why not gift your followers? It doesn't have to be about financial incentive - emotional gifting is hugely popular, especially when it comes to video content. Creating an advent-style gifting system will keep consumers returning to your social pages day in day out in the run up to Christmas. 
  • Have a go at viral marketing. Christmas is a cheery time of year, with people more inclined to share funny/cute videos or games (especially at work). Whilst viral marketing may take a lot of financial investment, if you hit the mark, it can garner great attraction for your business. A bit of an investment gamble, viral marketing if often down to luck and may not achieve guaranteed results. 
  • Reflect and revolutionise. Christmas and the New Year is a great time to reflect on your brand's highlights of 2015, and to engage consumers by asking them what they'd like to see in the upcoming year. You can preview news of what they can expect to keep the momentum going past the holidays and into 2016.  

To compare, let's look back at some of the most successful and wide-scoping Xmas campaigns of 2014:

M&S: The Two Fairies

To kick-start their Christmas campaign, the mysterious emergence of 'The Two Fairies' on Twitter was not obviously the work of M&S to begin with. The rhyming account got Christmas on our minds early with their first tweet debuting at the end of October, and they took their crusade offline with ambiguous pavement stampings. Combining a catchy hashtag with emotional gifting, #FollowTheFairies got started on November 7th and saw M&S providing kind deeds and gifts to people of all ages in the UK. The campaign was hugely successful, and the Twitter account amassed over 34k followers.

 John Lewis - A Time For Giving

Croud reported that “The launch of #montythepenguin was like “the build up to the release of a major blockbuster. This ad has teaser trailers, the making of, posters and even Monty merchandise”. The John Lewis Christmas ad is undoubtedly one, if not the most, anticipated campaign of the year, and created endless conversations with consumers on social media. To date, the ad has had over 25m views on YouTube,  Spin-off accounts such as @Montythepenguin and @Mabelthepenguin gained huge amounts of followers (28k and 8k respectively). By the implementation of the hashtag #montythepenguin, John Lewis were able to effectively monitor the digital response to the spot through comments and mentions.

Make Someone Happy - Coca Cola

It wouldn't be Christmas without a memorable campaign from Coca Cola. 2014 saw the #MakeSomeoneHappy campaign, which promoted charitableness across the world. In a break from years previous, the company announced the tour of their Christmassy red truck from their official Twitter page and promoted the hashtag #Holidaysarecoming. They encouraged engagement by requesting 500 retweets before revealing the 46 stops the truck would be taking on its trip, a stunt which took less than 4 hours. They continued to encourage engagement by asking fans to share their photos with the Coca Cola truck on social media - a raging success, with over 50,000 uploads.

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