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3 Heart-Warming Viral Videos to Bring You Some Christmas Cheer

Christmas is all about giving. So what better way to spread good tidings than to share with you some of the most heart-warming amateur videos that have been popular lately. At Christmas, social media users are more likely to share touching videos with their friends, helping them achieve 'viral' status. Sweet children or animals are pretty much a necessity for viral vids, and all three of these have got the cute factor. If you need reminding what Christmas is really all about, then have a watch of three of the most popular right now:-

1. Sisters Surprised With Adopted Brother Under Christmas Tree

This video captured the priceless moment three sisters discovered their new baby brother under the Christmas tree. The girls are overcome with excitement and even burst into tears of joy at the sight of the new addition to their family. The video has been watched over 1 million times since being uploaded 4 days ago.

2. Santa Signing To Child

This video touched hearts everywhere when little Mali Phoenix Williams-Cody, aged 3, has visited Father Christmas at the Cleveland Centre in Middlesborough. The young girl struggles with language and communication and in order to bond with her Father Christmas signed to her to ask if she would like a doll for Christmas. The little girl's amusement is obvious and her smile has brought joy to nearly 2 million viewers.

3. Children Unwrap Present to Find Their Dad Has Returned From Navy

Two children were overjoyed to unwrap a very special present - their father, who had arrived home early from deployment to surprise his children. He becomes engulfed in hugs and choruses of 'Daddy!' in one very special Christmas gift.

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