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#FromWhereIDrone: Epic Drone Photos Go Viral On Instagram

Daily Mail
In a showcase of breathtaking aerial photography, one hashtag is bringing the most magnificent drone shots to the masses. Originally started by one Californian drone enthusiast, Dirk Dallas (@dirka) began using the hashtag and once it gained huge popularity he dedicated a standalone account for the images. Now the 'From Where I Drone' Instagram page, a play on the '#fromwhereistand' hashtag, has over 23,000 followers. Some of the awesome images featured include vast landscape shots, well-known landmarks and travel adventures.

A photo posted by From Where I Drone (@fromwhereidrone) on

A photo posted by From Where I Drone (@fromwhereidrone) on

Dallas said of the project: “I started using the hashtag on every drone photo I posted and each time there were a few people that seemed to think it was funny so I kept posting with it. One day, several months later, I decided to actually click on the tag and to my surprise I saw over 500 drone photos tagged with it as well. I was blown away!” In order to inspire fellow drone advocates, he also details tips and tricks for beginners in order to help them achieve great shots - including what type of drone to start off with and limits on no-fly zones. It definitely seems to be working, with over 10,000 posts being shared under the hashtag. 

"My goal was to have people inspired by this new form of photography so I am always happy to hear when someone shares that with me," Dallas told the Daily Mail. And with over 1 million drones expected to be gifted this Christmas alone, it seems likely that the account will have more contributors soon.

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