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The Social Media Appeals to Meet Liverpool FC Player and Taylor Swift

Just this weekend I mentioned a whole community using social media to get Kate Veldink on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Today we find that so many more kids are doing what they can to meet their idols or in some cases, a campaign is organised on behalf of them.

A young boy who's friend has been diagnosed with leukaemia is doing everything he can to get a Liverpool FC player, any one of them, to visit him in hospital. Archie Palmer, who is 10 years old, has taken to social media for his friend. Archie asked his mum to post the picture of him on her Twitter with the hope that it reaches the football club.

"He asked me to put something on my Twitter asking for a Liverpool player to visit his friend, who is a huge fan" said his mum Louise. She explained that she never expected such a huge response from people and the post was retweeted over 1700 times. She said that her son Archie had really gone out of his way as he was not a Liverpool FC supporter himself but he does know how much of a fan his friend and his dad are. They have deliberately not named his friend as they want to make sure it stays a surprise. 'If we could arrange something it would be just the best' said Louise. Fingers crossed for them that it can be made possible!

A little along the same lines, a young girl, Jorja, who is unfortunately going deaf was lucky enough to meet Taylor Swift after her twin sister Chloe set up a Facebook group to start a campaign. The girls started #HelpJorjaMeetTaylorSwiftSydney and sure enough it was a success. Jorja was able to not only attend a concert of hers but meet her in person. Their Mum was very supportive of the campaign even if originally she did think 'it was a long shot'. Of course it was, but she admired the hard work her twins put into it. The page had got over 1000 views in just one day which caused Chloe to "yell it through the class". She was over the moon about the response the campaign had had and for Jorja it meant being able to see her idol live one last time before possibly losing her hearing altogether. After getting their hair and make-up done, the family were escorted to the concert in a limo and had the time of their lives.

I love it! I think that it is brilliant that social media can do this. And what a success it has been. I do hope that little Archie gets the chance to surprise his friend and in the meantime it's great to see so many smiling faces.

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