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Latest Sam Pepper Prank Causes Outrage on Twitter

Sam Pepper/YouTube
Sam Pepper, a well-known YouTube prankster and former Big Brother contestant, has seen a social media tirade against him following his latest video. The latest in a string of controversial uploads, Sam pranks a young guy into believing that his friend has been murdered in an aggressive kidnapping, which sees the victim shoved into the boot of a car with a hood over his head before witnessing the apparent shooting of his companion.

So far over 200,000 people have watched the clip, and those who were joined in mutual disgust took to Twitter, making the topic trend online. Users have branded Pepper 'horrible', 'obnoxious', and even 'absolute scum'.

The sam pepper "prank" is hardly what I would call a prank. It's a violation of that poor boy, the emotions were so raw. He was traumatised
— Kelsey Gallagher (@Kelseyann3) November 30, 2015

sam pepper is so insensitive that guy could've come out with mental disorders and serious trauma issues
— lara (@twenyonepiIots) November 30, 2015

The victim of the video, @SamGolbachh, has tweeted himself to support the prank and prove to many concerned social media users that he is fine and not emotionally traumatised by the event:

In light of recent terror attacks and violence worldwide, it's clear to see why many believe the video is in poor taste and are calling for his account to be deleted. Some have even claimed that the prank was illegal and Sam could potentially be prosecuted. Last year the YouTube celebrity came under fire for a video that masqueraded as a 'social experiment' but essentially involved Pepper groping women on the street whilst asking for directions. After mass upset over the video, it was removed by YouTube and Pepper faced allegations of sexual harassment.

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