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#SongbirdStories: The Rest From The Nest Of #SocialMedia

It is Saturday again! Aren't the weeks are just flying by? As promised here is a summary of all those little things that happened during the week that we just did not have time to write about.

Merseyside Police Apologise On Twitter After Joke Of Bad Taste

Earlier this week someone posted a comment on Twitter about a rape report that was made to represent the situation with current football score. Merseyside Police account @MerseyPolice kept the joke running as their response was suppose to confirm that Sunderland had lost fair and square. However, their immature reply involved a reference to Sunderland being 'caught with their pants down' and no rape was involved. As much as this was a joke, the use of rape as a comparison was of bad taste in the first place by @SuperDeleAlli but Merseyside Police should have known better than to go along with it. There was another tweet 'reporting' another incident about Chelsea losing every week that was once again referred to as a rape. The Police account issued yet another reply to this immature comment. They have of course apologised now that the tweets have been taken down. They said that they were sorry for any offence that may have been caused and they hope that the public understand that it does not affect their credibility as a Police Force. 'They do not reflect the strenuous efforts made by Merseyside Police to investigate serious sexual crimes and protect victims' the tweet said. Well let's just hope that they mean what they say and don't pull another stunt like this one.

Sophomore Morgan Brown Becoming a Famous Fashionista On Social Media

I am extremely humbled and honored to finally announce one of my biggest projects to date. MY CLOTHING LINE IS HERE!! Whaaaaaaatttttt. This whole process is still so surreal and I honestly couldn’t have done it without all your love & support. What I’ve learned while working over the past year is that you can’t measure your success to the next person and that taking a different route is OKAY. Without taking that leap of faith I wouldn’t be where I am today. So THANK YOU THANK YOU a million times over for allowing me to follow my dreams. I’ll be launching new products throughout the year, so make sure you stay tuned!! Let me know what you think below!! Xoxo Check out my line HERE: http://bit.ly/ItsHeyMorgan (LINK IN BIO) Use DISCOUNT CODE “MORGAN10” for a 10% discount on your order!! 📷: @tayoxjr
A photo posted by Morgan Brown (@itsheymorgan) on

A student from Wharton University of Pennsylvania has been using social media to promote herself and mange to become very well known by the public. Back in 2014 she launched her own YouTube channel 'ItsHeyMorgan' and soon after she started to be recognised by her wearing of black hats. Her channel has now got nearly 146k followers and it is clearly her main source. Her other accounts have fewer followers but she is still extremely active on them all. One of her aims is to help others with their fashion queries and recently, she posted a video about how to get your teeth whiter. She even has her own app. But her biggest success has to be that she now has her very own clothing line. It was launched on the 27th of October. So it just goes to show that when you choose the social media route and use it right, you really can get something back. The past year has been life changing for Morgan Brown and she is finally seeing the result of that today. Her bubbly personality is enough to show anyone how much she wanted to succeed.

Kate Winslet Bans Social Media In Her Home

The actress has refused the use of all social media in her house as she believes it to be 'eroding traditional family life'. Kate Winslet said that she finds that social media has changed how people view themselves, especially young girls as they can try and seek approval on the social networks. With her three children at home she does not want that to happen and she is advising other parents to stop letting their children use tablets and smartphones and instead interact with one another. She says 'it takes every member of a family to be a member' and wants everyone to go back to how things used to be before the explosion of social media. Play games, go outside, anything that will keep a family close. It sounds like her pet hate is having children at a meal being sat down at one end of the table focused on these tablets. I can see where she is coming from. We have all experienced that moment looking around the room and counting how few people are sitting without a device in their hands. There are so many ways in which social media has taken over our lives, and as she says 'Long car journeys? What happened to good old fashioned I Spy?'. She is trying to prevent her family from being drawn in by any negative aspects social media may have, and I have to say that I respect that.

Dating Apps Could Be Causing The Rise In STIs

Expert in sexual health Dr Peter Greenhouse is asking Tinder users especially to be more responsible when engaging in constant physical relationships. He is suggesting that with the use of dating apps people are more likely to be moving on to new partners and in a shorter amount of time. It seems only mature to be responsible for these kind of things but a study shows that there has been a 33 per cent rise in syphilis and 19 per cent in gonorrhoea in recent times. They are urging these dating apps to be more insistent on practising safe sex. This is in spite of the fact that most of these apps do already promote safe sex and others even reveal the health status of users, but it needs to make them more aware of the fact that they do not know this other person's history and must engage responsibly. George Kidd from the Online Dating Association says 'it's a bit much to blame the phone apps for the spread of STIs. People do it, not the apps.' Of course it is always going to be the users final decision that will have the impact on whether or not an STI is transmitted, but the apps might be able to find more efficient ways to promote safer sex.

Deadmau5 And Skrillex's Twitter War

Despite Deadmau5's original support that helped Skrillex launch his career, comments were made on his part about Skrillex's latest release. He called it 'shit' and it sparked a response none of us could have predicted. Twitter was filled with the exchanged tweets as Skrillex let loose and got his own back. It seems a shame that things have ended like this as they were good friends in the beginning. Skrillex even commented on the fact that he doesn't usually respond to things like this, so he must have been pretty hurt by Deadmau5's opinion. Which in fact not really a very mature way of saying what he did anyway. There must be more to the story than that, but as far as we can tell it was Deadmau5's comment that sparked the Twitter feud. Skrillex brought up things involving Deadmau5 bullying his artists and that he finds it 'sad' that he has his own label. All in all, it seems that a lot of secrets and old conversations are being dug up, but let's just hope that the pair can go back to how things were before. Deadmau5 pranked Skrillex back in 2012 when he called him hoping he wouldn't recognise his voice. And he didn't. Following that Deadmau5 went to the Grammy awards wearing a t-shirt with Skrillex's number on it. Hopefully that's the type of friends that they'll go back to being. 

Nintendo 64 Games On Smart Watch

Yes, you read that right. The all-time famous game is being released on the smart watches. I don't think I know anyone who hasn't played Nintendo 64 so I think we're all a little excited about it in some way. Of course, it raised the same issue as Doom. Do we really need it on our watch? It is not going to be the most pleasant experience, trying to play efficiently but I suppose it is quite an advancement in technology. Bringing back all of these old games might a way to get people to buy the watches. You can also play Ocarina of Time. I'm not sure exactly what the reasoning behind it all is, but I'm not going to say that I don't want to try it. Despite it being a little fiddly to play, I'm sure that people will enjoy the concept as after all the development of it must have taken some time. And what's to say that they won't develop it even further? 

You Can Follow Tumblr Searches

If you have ever wondered how to keep up to date with some of your favourite searches, now is the time. When you conduct a search, you will be redirected to a page full of suggestions, as always. Only now, once you have clicked enter you will have the possibility of following that particular search. This means that all related posts will appear on your dashboard and you will be able to click on them when you feel like it. Obviously this does also mean that you could be a little overwhelmed by suggestions but you can always narrow your search a little. When you type in what you are looking for, whatever that may be, you will get everything and anything that is linked to that word. Tshirts, books, images etc. So yes, it might be a good idea for you to be more specific when you are searching something that you might want to follow. 

Users Concerned About Snapchat Privacy Policy

People have taken to Twitter to discuss the new, or should I say, now visible Snapchat policies. After the recent update, users were able to view clearly what Snapchat privacy policy is. Of course, we are always told to read the fine print. But this was a little more worrying. It seemed that Snapchat were admitting or announcing that they have the right to view and delete content where they see fit. Like any platform that seems obvious but as the content should appear and disappear within seconds and only go to the people you have aimed it for, them being able to keep content shouldn't really be an issue. This sparked conversations on Twitter where people were concerned that their snaps were being viewed by others. This was worrying and confusing for users as they felt quite betrayed by this information. Snapchat have now responded saying that no, they do not store people's content. Hopefully this will not affect the use of Snapchat, as they have explained their privacy policy in better terms.

Petition For Photos Of Hollie Gazzard's Killer To Be Taken Off Facebook

After young girl Hollie Gazzard's death, her page was memorialised and pictures of her and her boyfriend still appeared on the page. Having been convicted of her murder, her boyfriend's appearance on the page was found to be distressing for the family, who have requested that they be taken down. As it stands, Facebook are refusing to do so. A petition is being signed and has already been signed by thousands around the world who believe that the family have every right for the pictures of the boyfriend to be removed for good. They are aiming for about 10,000 signatures, which so far they are well on their way to getting. Facebook are claiming that the point of memorialised pages are 'designed to preserve the privacy of the deceased'. I do not have a problem with that, but if the young man has already been convicted of her murder, I think that I would want his pictures gone too.

New Search Engine Using Emojis To Find Videos

A prototype of new search engine Emoji2Video will allow you to use those emojis you love so much to conduct a search. It is researchers from the University of Amsterdam and Qualcomm Research who have come up with this idea. They wanted to create something that would be accessible to everyone in every language as no words a required. All you do it choose from the list and combine a few emojis and be sent to a list of videos that natch your search. It will allow you to find videos that words simply can't describe and will search from 45,000 of YouTube's data. By doing this, people will end up with surprising searches as from one country to he next, some emojis have different meanings, so it will be interesting to see how those particular ones translate into video. They have yet to develop it further, but it looks like they already have bigger plans for the search engine.

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