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Lake Wanaka Tourism Offers a Couple of Bloggers the Chance of a Lifetime

Florent Piovesan and his partner Amberly Kramhoft were the two lucky bloggers to be given the chance to stay free of charge in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. The deal is that they are provided with everything including accommodation and activities as long as they blog about it.

Prior to their stay the pair already had over 40,000 followers of their work on Instagram and Tumblr, being their two main platforms. What also won them their place is them being active writers on top of the photography and video. To Lake Wanaka Tourism, they just fit the description exactly. Since their arrival, Florent and Amberly have been waking up to endless beautiful views and have the opportunity to document it all. 

Lake Wanaka Tourism explained the reasoning behind it all saying that as such a small region, it can be difficult to get or even afford the advertising needed. General manager James Helmore explained that it is a cheaper way to do so and 'with social media [they] can compete with any region in the world'. After all they are getting the advertising they need and people are experiencing the updates live thanks to the Amberly and Florent who are discovering it themselves for the very first time.

I love it when social media is used this way. It's exciting and it brings something to us that we might never get the chance to see with our own eyes. Lake Wanaka Tourism knew that this would be an amazing opportunity for them as a region but also opening up like this means that they could potentially make it a regular thing. Having said that, this is simply another example of them taking advantage of the facilities and the power of social media after Lake Wanaka's successful hosting of the first Instameet in April. Hopefully we will be hearing and seeing more about the couple's journey and who knows, maybe they will be taken elsewhere. In any case, Lake Wanaka Tourism really have grasped an understanding of how to use social media to their advantage, allowing us in the meantime to learn more about their beautiful region.

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