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PayPal Cause Massive Stir With Christmas Ad

If you are a child, stop reading now, unless you want to learn some things about life best saved until you're a little bit older. If you're an adult, and what I say next is any kind of revelation to you, then I'm deeply sorry, but it's probably for the best - Santa Clause is fictional. There is no bearded, coca-cola red immortal in Lapland, commanding a legion of dilligent elves to craft fairy dust into Xbox Ones, iPads and this bugged-eyed abomination. The only people working to make sure that kids get what they want for Christmas are parents and retails. Oh, and PayPal.

To remind everyone of this, the company have unveiled a new TV ad which features two children in a mad panic because their folks don't appear to be doing an Christmas shopping at all, yet when the fateful day arrives, the tree is as laden with presents as ever. The revelation being that they did it all online via PayPal, so they didn't actually need to go anywhere. Harmless, right? Wrong. Many angry tweeters and book-faces have made the point that, indirectly, this advert pretty much denies the existence of Jolly Saint Nick.

When I was a kid, I got some presents from 'Santa' and others from my parents, so I'm certain that seeing such an ad would have invalidated his existence as such, but I can see how others might draw that conclusion. Others have argued that it almost comes across as a brag, and that the company is more interested in self-aggrandisement than keeping age-old traditions alive.

I'll be honest, I'm probably not the best person to address that issue in detail, since I'm not planning on telling my kids about Santa at all, since the whole thing has just become part and parcel with the grotesque commercialism of the holiday, but I'm kind of a hippy and I completely get that the tradition is still very important to a lot of people. It seems like this wasn't a deliberate mistake on PayPal's part, and they've agreed to push the ad back beyond 9pm in future to reduce the risk of 'ruining Christmas' for any more kids, but if your kids are considering the holiday 'ruined' because they found out something they would have found out eventually anyway, it might be an idea to reconsider the way you're raising them. Just sayin'.

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