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Instagram Use Halloween to Join the Curated Content Game

First Snapchat, then Twitter, then Facebook, and now Instagram. Over the weekend, a special feed popped up which organised all Halloween-related content into one area. Well, not all, the feed consisted exclusively of video content. Moreover, the typical peripheral like counter and comments section were absent, you were simply met with a feed of videos which you could watch one by one without being distracted by any antecedent content.

All the curating itself was done from Facebook HQ in Menlo Park by a team of dedicated Instagram staffers, who presumably spent their day scrolling through the #IGHalloween hashtag to ferret out the most worthwhile material. Supposedly they were all dressed up while they were doing it, would you expect anything less?

The feed struck a nice balance between the more obscure user generated content and coverage of big holiday parades and events across the United States (the feed wasn't accessible anywhere else), and prominent artists and cosplayers also had a significant presence. There is one particular group of people however who likely found all this more than a little nightmarish - the Twitter team.

Instagram's value as a news source is rapidly increasing, as is their user base and Twitter is beginning to trail behind them. Despite having been around for longer, and seemingly offering a more versatile service, Instagram currently boasts a far greater user appeal and its scope for marketing and promotion is only just starting to blossom. Instagram has been used for breaking news feeds, audio content and increasing a form of 'fractal sharing' which uses multiple profiles and linked images to send you into a rabbit hole of promotional or informational content.

Take the animated show Rick and Morty, for example. Their Instagram is called Rickstaverse and it's literally a point-and-click game. Starting with a view of space (and a hyper-expanded dead homeless Santa floating in Earth's orbit) you can select a single image and zoom into another set, doing so repeatedly brings you further into the shows world, where you can explore and uncover all kinds of weird and wonderful secrets. It's genius, and it reflects exactly how much Instagram has to give.

The biggest victory as far as this Halloween feed goes is the prevalence of video content. Instagram doesn't have that much of a reputation for video, despite having had it for more than 2 years, but this kind of thing serves to outline how its popularity has been increasing, little by little. In future, the focus of these feeds will likely be weighted towards more significant global news events, perhaps even in aid of humanitarian work.

Callum is a film school graduate who is now making a name for himself as a journalist and content writer. His vices include flat whites and 90s hip-hop. Follow him @CallumAtSMF

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