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Woman #Scammed Out Of Her #Christmas Funds On #Facebook

I know that only last week I was saying how Facebook has saved lives lately but this time, one message has lead a woman to losing a lot of money. So much so that her children will now not be getting the Christmas presents they'd hoped for.

Ann-Marie Deaton was contacted by a man on Facebook asking if she wanted to make a little bit of money and of course with Christmas coming up, Ann-Marie saw it as a perfect opportunity. She said that he'd promised her £100 commission for every electrical article of his that she managed to list on eBay as he did not have the time to do it himself. Everything seemed legitimate as the man had even carried out credibility checks on the Ann-Marie.

The original plan was to list three articles and receive the £300 once she managed to sell of them. 'I did it straight away. I listed all of them by 2.30 in the afternoon and all three the same day' she said. She added that he had been so happy with the work that he'd offered her up to £600 a week to list more items on eBay and of course with Christmas on the way Ann-Marie did not hesitate. All until she stopped hearing back. She had attempted to tell her 'employer' that people were waiting on delivery information as they wanted to be available on the day. She then received an odd response to which she did not know what to say. Hours later she attempted to contact him once again, but this time, no reply and no more Facebook account. He had taken down his account and of course the money had disappeared too.

It was at that moment that Ann-Marie realised that she had been scammed and she was devastated. All she had wanted was to make a little more money to make Christmas that bit more affordable and instead, someone had taken that all away in just a few clicks. She did do everything she could by contacting her bank but they told her that it was out of their hands as she had authorised the payment. After contacting the police, the team she needed to talk to had already left, forcing her to wait until the following morning to try and resolve the issue. 'I knew I'd be liable' she said. Buyers were demanding their money back, which the fraud team paid for but Ann-Marie said that once it was all added up, commission and all, it came to about £3 300 which is money that she simply didn't have.

As always people are being advised not to respond to such ads or messages as most of the time, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. If this is the first time that you've heard of such an opportunity or a job that could be the solution to your money problems, chances are it is a scam. Facebook can have its disadvantages too, and this is one of them. Ann-Marie has confirmed that it has ruined her family's Christmas.

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