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Halloween Costume Backlash On Social Media

Now, I love Halloween. I love seeing kids all dressed up and excited to go Trick or Treating. And, yes, I love to dress up too. But there is dressing up for a laugh and then there's pushing it way too far. There are costumes of bad taste year in, year out and this year a few really got social media up in arms.

I'm all for being a little creative but reporter Stanley Roberts who decided to dress up as Bill Cosby surely expected what was coming. He not only dressed up as the comedian but he created a costume where, well, why don't you have a look.

Too Soon? # BillCosby#PeopleBehavingBadlyCourtesy Rip Malloy
Posté par Stanley Roberts KRON 4 sur samedi 31 octobre 2015

The photo had mixed reactions with some seeing the humour and telling people to relax and let it happen on Halloween where people pretend to be dead and yet murder is never funny either. Others found it extremely offensive commenting things like 'Not going to be funny. Ever'. Facebook comments poured in as soon as the image was posted on Saturday night. Even Nicki Minaj got involved as she was horrified by the costume.

It is true that it was of quite bad taste and he probably shouldn't have done it. But this is only one of the many people who played with fire. A woman decided to come dressed as a refugee who is carrying a baby in a sling. Now, again, what with the occurring events, don't we think that it's a bit much to be dressing up as them? I get the whole current event thing but come on. Again, you can imagine that it wasn't particularly well received.

In her original post on Facebook she comments on the fact that having 'saudi raised besties' helped her achieve the look. I don't know, it still seems a little insensitive considering. But I don't suppose that these will be the last costumes of the sort as every year they seem to become more and more borderline. There was also a couple who dressed up as Lamar Odom hospitalised and Khloe Kardashian. What is it with people? What happened to a good old skeleton costume or a witches hat. I know that Halloween gives you the chance to be whatever you want, but you have to wonder what is going through some people's minds. Maybe just stick to imitating the famous Snapchat filters like most others.

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