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Twitter Focus on Sport in Weird TV Ads

Why either Facebook or Twitter feel the need to advertise on television is pretty much beyond me. Typically, Facebook's ads have had a rather unsettling twinge of arrogance to them, showing people simply enjoying their day to day social activity and then flashing the logo up at the end, implying that Facebook has simply become part and parcel with that experience.

Twitter, on the other hand, have never advertised on TV until now and their first effort is a bizarre, almost seizure inducing affair. It's a rapid fire sensory assault of clips, memes and tweets surrounding the world series, aggressively reminding everyone that Twitter is the best place to keep up with not only baseball news, but basically all sports related news. It's horrendous, and it makes Twitter look like a flashing nightmare of outdated memes and bad photoshopping.

Twitter aren't the only ones making sport the focal point of their plan of attack, it's become something of a prevalent theme for Facebook and Snapchat as well. Twitter remains the most popular platform for news and buzz sharing around the subject though, and really they didn't particularly need a TV advert to push that point home, yet here we are.

In one sense, it is wise of them to present Twitter as a worthwhile platform in relation to something else, rather than just in and of itself. Twitter as an entity is sprawling, scatterbrained and confusing, but if you know exactly what you're looking for, it's far easier to deal with. Sport is particularly good for this, as finding what you're after is as simple as searching for a type of sport, particular team, player, season or game/match. If you search 'Twitter' in Google news, the lion's share of articles will be about user reactions to a particular event or outcome.

The ad is also distinctly tied to Moments, their new curated content feature, which is entirely predicated around keeping tweets organised into specific topics. Facebook have been pushing for a greater sports presence as well, it's one of the only areas that they fall behind Twitter on. They recently added a live updates feature for Messenger, but it's going to take a lot more than that to reach the same level of significance.

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