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#Facebook Page Set up to Aid #Children Banned From it in #Nauru Detention Center

Australia's reputation when it comes to asylum seekers is unsettling at the moment. Numerous refugees who have attempted to enter the country have ended up in detention centers, many of them cut off from the mainland. Nauru is one such place, and it exclusively houses children. The 12-16 year-olds who are held there have all been cut off from their parents and have no access to Facebook, and therefore no way to speak out against what has been done to them.

Free the Children NAURU might sound like a simple initiative to get these kids released, and it is, but it's also much more than that. Because all of the children held there have no access to Facebook, the people running this group have used it as a conduit to allow them to speak out. Using VPNs, they have been able to angle around the block and give the children the opportunity to share their plight with the rest of the world.

The main spine of the campaign has been a series of images featuring the kids inside holding signs over their faces with the number of days they've been detained written on them. Alongside this there's also (mostly deeply disturbing) artwork, stories and videos, some of which acts as messages between the kids and their parents. The public response to this page has been massive, both in terms of support gathered in the fight to have them released and general awareness that Nauru even exists.

Nobody actually knows who is behind the Facebook page, it was suggested that Save the Children might have had something to do with it, given that they've been furiously campaigning to get Nauru shut down, but when approached for a statement, they said they had nothing to do with it. It probably goes without saying, but whoever did set up the page is nothing short of heroic. The mass incarceration of refugees is a gross injustice, but putting children in a purpose-built detention center is even worse, especially when their ability to communicate with the outside world is also limited.

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