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Facebook Continue To Block Meningitis Now Advert

Earlier this month Facebook denied the appearance of a Meningitis Now advert featuring a person holding a glass against a rash on their arm. The charity's aim with the image was to promote the existence of late symptoms for the disease, but Facebook deemed the image too negative to be advertised on the platform.

Following another meeting on Thursday about the matter, the social network is standing by its initial decision not to share the campaign. This in spite of the fact they reversed a previous decision about a different campaign for the Royal National Institute of Blind People, where they had refused the appearance and then later changed their minds. Meningitis Now are desperately trying to explain that this is not made to shock people, but simply show which types of a rash are a symptom. 'The removal of such adverts affects the charity's ability to communicate lifesaving information during the peak season for meningitis' announced the social media manager for the charity, Thomas Davis.

With the hopes that Facebook might reconsider, Meningitis Now are trying to find other ways to use Facebook for advertisement. It happened before, Facebook refused to advertise RNIB's advert about sight loss. They said it was 'degrading and broke its guidelines on language' but they were quick to change their minds as very soon after, the advert appeared in its entirety. Only a few amendments had to be made, but overall, the advert remained the same. Meningitis Now are struggling to see where changes could be made to their campaign without changing the aim of it. 'Facebook is a vital component at reaching our audience' said Davis, convinced that they will manage one way or another to promote symptoms of the terrible disease through Facebook. It will be down to Facebook's team of specialists who go by very strict rules and regulations, but despite such thorough assessment, on some occasions they do make mistakes.

Hopefully Meningitis Now will have the same opportunity as RNIB, and be allowed to show the images, even if they do have to alter a couple of things. Facebook's claim insinuates that the charity are focusing on an 'ideal body image' but Meningitis Now have confirmed that it is not at all what they are doing. With this in mind, Facebook might still reconsider and understand the real message of the campaign.

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