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Sega's Sonic Issues Movember Challenge to Nintendo's Mario

Are you ready for the 'stache clash?

Movember is upon us once more and that means its time for men the world over to don ridiculous facial hair in the name of charity. Some well known figures, however, have little need to make the extra effort as they've been rocking the look for decades now. But who wears it better? On November 18th Sonic's famed nemesis Dr. Eggman (AKA Dr .Robotnik) issued that exact challenge to Nintendo's favourite plumber Mario.

Taking to Twitter, the team behind the Sonic the Hedgehog account unveiled comedy gold with their short but sweet message to Nintendo of America, tweeting simply "Two men. Two moustaches. The #Movember battle has begun! @NintendoAmerica", and the response was perfect. The trash-talking went back and forth between the two gaming icons, each taking jabs at the other, until it inspired other known faces to get involved.

The Assassin's Creed account quickly offered up their own Crawford Starrick of Syndicate fame, Archie Comics tweeted a response featuring their titular character sporting a hefty 'stache of his own, and even the voice of Dr Robotnik himself, Mike Pollock, got involved. IGN and Origin soon followed suit and it now seems as though just about every major player in the industry has had their say.

So who do you think wins the 'stache clash? Mario or Eggman? Or maybe one of the late entries earns your favour? Let us know in the comments!

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