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#CondomChallenge Sweeps the Internet...And No-one's Quite Sure Why

The Guardian
Planking. The Cinnamon Challenge. Extreme phone pinching. Nobody really knows where these stupid internet crazes come from; when they do appear, however, they hold the internet to ransom with a flurry of unavoidable amateur videos. The latest in the stream of pointless internet trends is the #CondomChallenge, which sees participants allow a water-filled condom to be dropped on their head from height - with varying levels of success.

The stunt seemingly originated from the video below, where two grown men can be seen having a jolly good time - half-naked - in a bathtub with a condom.

Since then, imitators everywhere are filling up news feeds with their optimistic attempts at emulating the success of the original challenge. It's not the first condom challenge to grace the internet - back in 2013 a short-lived trend saw intellectually challenged individuals pulling condoms through their noses (a potentially fatal manoeuvre).

The craze has even got its own dedicated Twitter account, @CondomChallenge, which already has over 36k followers. Unlike the Ice Bucket Challenge, this new act of idiocy doesn't appear tied to a charity or good cause, other than loosely promoting safe sex through the demonstration of the durability and size expansion of condoms. I personally wouldn't recommend undertaking the challenge, as most participants look at risk of suffocating during the task. Nevertheless, if you do wish to try it out, the official Twitter page recommends popping the condom after no more than 7 seconds to avoid aforementioned asphyxiation.

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