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Startup App 'Purple' Delivers Fuel at the Press of a Button

Ever been caught without enough petrol to get you to the station? Or simply had enough of the queues at the pump? A new LA-based app service, 'Purple', is aiming to put a stop to all of that.

LA Times
The app, which launched in May and expanded its reach into San Diego last month, delivers fuel to residents at the press of a button - all from your iPhone or Android device. All customers need to do is open the app, select the volume of fuel required (either 10 or 15 gallons) and make sure the tank is accessible to Purple's courier.

Prices are comparable with local stations, with very little increase as a result of using the app. A $1 service charge is included for use of the service for a 1 hour delivery time, but for now the charge for 3 hour deliveries is being waived. There are plans to increase fees at a later date but for now Purple are using the deal to hook some early repeat customers.

The aim is to disrupt the market in much the same way as Uber's taxi service has done, providing convenience and saving time through an app. In fact Oscar Salazar, co-founder of Uber, has contributed to Purple's seed financing. It's unclear how involved he is likely to be in the project, if at all, but his input could certainly boost the brand's growth. He has already proven, despite the controversy associated with Uber, that he can make a success of an app-based service.

So far Purple's prospects are looking good. They are already boasting about "thousands" of users in their first two markets, with 50% of their daily orders coming from repeat customers. This all seems to prove that there is definitely a demand for the service they are offering, and I expect to see them continue to grow as they expand into new markets.

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