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Blue Dot Notifications on Twitter Moments Will Now Pop Up Less

For those of you who don't know, Moments is Twitter's latest addition allowing users to see all the breaking news and top stories in one place. The feature pops up with a blue dot whenever a new story is posted. Unfortunately, these blue dots are driving users up the wall as they are appearing too often.

As a result of this users are requesting that these blue dots to pop up less frequently. People felt unable to stay up to date with everything, so the constant existence of this blue dot was not pleasant. Fortunately Twitter responded to the tweets and have confirmed that they will reduce the appearance of this notification although it is unsure yet how little indeed it will be present.

It is good to know that Twitter is responding to requests like these. Users were really starting to lose the will to live and Twitter are doing something about it. Having said that, Twitter users made the most of @TwitterMoments acknowledging one problem to request the new hearts be turned back into stars.

Let's hope for @JohnnyAime's sake Twitter reconsiders the hearts... 1 blue dot problem solved, but apparently 15 more hearts and stars problems.

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