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Shia LaBeouf Watches His Entire Filmography LIVE Over 3 Days

New Hive
Just when you thought he couldn't get any weirder, wait 'til you hear the news that Shia LaBeouf is currently watching every film he has ever made in reverse chronological order over the course of 3 days in New York. That face in the image above tells a thousand words.

Currently on day 2 of 3 of the monster movie marathon, the stunt is apparently part of his latest performance piece #ALLMYMOVIES. What this project entails other than LaBeouf giving himself a full 72 hours of mental self-flagellation remains to be seen. Personally I can't quite decide whether this man is truly this pretentious, or just clinically mad.

After Shia invited the public to join him for free to watch his film collection, fans queued for up to 6 hours to gain entry to the movie theatre. Even Will Smith's famous son Jaden is desperate to join the actor, tweeting the following:

Previous crazy goings-on from the world of Shia LaBeouf:-
  • In 2013 LaBeouf hit headlines after his self-directed film HowardCantour.com was revealed to have plagiarised the words and artwork of Dan Clowes. The movie star responded to the allegations which a series of seemingly heartfelt apology tweets, which were later discovered to be plagiarised versions of apologies by other public figures. On New Year's eve of that year, he hired a plane to skywrite the words: "I am sorry Daniel Clowes". 
  • In early 2014, he took to Twitter to announce he was "retiring from all public life" due to the "attacks on my artistic integrity" (that went well then). 
  • A little over a month later, Shia turns up on the red carpet for Nymphomaniac at the Berlin film festival. He is seen wearing a paper bag over his head that reads: "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE". 
  • In June 2014, he was filmed running around NYC desperately trying to catch a homeless man and apparently try to steal the contents of the fast food bag he was carrying. Man, he must have really had a craving for french fries.
  • The erratic behaviour just kept on coming this year as in September of 2014 Shia donned purple spandex leggings to run the perimeter of Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum 144 times.
  • Last year Shia came under more word theft accusations - this time whilst shirtlessly 'freestyling' in a video that went viral. The actor later claimed that he was "the "best to do this" since Tupac.

So if you too would like to aimlessly observe Shia LaBeouf as he aimlessly observes, you can view the livestream at New Hive

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