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Yandy Unveils a Range of Halloween Costumes Based on Viral Memes

I was always given to understand that Halloween costumes were meant to be scary, or have some kind of occult basis. Shows how much I know, I suppose. In an attempt to keep Halloween 2015 nice and current, online retailer Yandy have released a new ranged of outfits, all of them based on popular internet memes.

If you're confused as to how exactly you make a concept into a costume, let me give you some specifics: there's a version of the blue/gold dress, the Subway Pizza Rat, one based on Robot Unicorn Attack and Donald Trump. I should clarify that the site almost exclusively caters in 'sexy' outfits and all of these also come under that banner. Donald Trump has been re-imagined as 'Donna T. Rumpshaker'. There is no God.

It's all pretty tenuous, especially the pizza rat one, but I guess that's what you might expect from a site whose range also includes a camo catsuit which is labeled as 'Sexy Combat Warrior'. You might scoff, but Yandy turn over $50 million a year in sales and 30% of that comes during October. Their projections have them raking in $15 million from October alone this year and a lot of that is down to this new range.

The real marketing trick with this, however, is that the costumes themselves become weird, self-referential memes. How does a meme work, really? It's a silly/funny/shocking thing that circulated because friends share it between one another. That's exactly what's going to happen with these costumes, and the flabbergasted people bouncing them across Facebook and Twitter become unwitting marketers for them. Small wonder that Yandy pours a lot of time and money into their SEO and social media marketing strategies.

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