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Brace Yourselves - Princestagram Has Arrived

Much like, well basically every other aspect of his career/life, Prince has a bit of an odd relationship with social media. All he ever did on his Facebook was announce a fan Q&A and proceed to answer precisely one of the thousands of questions received and he has tweeted twice, once with a photo of a salad and then again to declare that it was, indeed, his second tweet.

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If you're familiar with Prince's public persona, none of that should come as any kind of surprise. He very publically denounced the internet as out of date a few years back, but he's never been one to resolutely stick to his convictions for more than about thirty seconds. He's like a squirrel on MDMA at the best of times. Bearing that in mind, it's hard to say how much mileage he's going to get out of Instagram before he gets bored and decides to move on, but for the time being, 'PRINCESTAGRAM' is a pretty fascinating, and prolifically updated source of all things Love Symbol.

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It's a blend of gig photos (both professional and fan-sourced), old promotional material, Prince-based memes and some stuff which fits into no category known to man. There's even a food selfie, with the man himself (skin either or hued or painted yellow for some reason) lying on the ground with a half-spilled box of sweets, captioned 'CHOCOLATE OVERDOSE'. What he was thinking when he put this particular shot together is completely beyond me, but I'm not complaining.

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It's hard to tell whether this is part of some grander plan, such as a promotional stunt for his most recent album, HITNRUN, or something that he simply intends to carry on until it runs out of mileage. With Prince it tends to be difficult to tell whether he's being subversive or just going with the flow, but whatever comes out tends to be entertaining in either case, so I'd say it's worth a follow at the very least.

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