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Small Publishers Could Suffer Because Of iOS Use of Ad Blocking Software

It is rare nowadays for anyone to have pop up adverts allowed on their computers and now Apple's iOs 9 update gives users the opportunity to avoid any publicity too. Smaller publishers count on the revenue from advertisement on any device but especially smartphones where ad blocking isn't usually necessary. With the new update and anyone using Safari 9, this could mean trouble for those publishers.

Over the years ads have been known to pester users or make their apps slower so it is only fair that they are taking matters into their own hands and taking advantage of ad blockers. Of course they do not realise that by doing this, they are putting smaller companies in danger of missing out on getting the funding needed. These micropayments are the reason smaller publishers are able to remain online, but if their ads are not appearing anymore, they will lose out drastically.

Companies have explained what the lack of advertisement could do to them as Cedar Workshop explained that the revenue from their YouTube channel went from $8 - $13 a month to roughly 1 cent. This drop is significant in anyone's book and means that they are now obliged to cut down on the amount of monthly publications. Even Google have lost some revenue because of ad blockers such as Adblock Plus, and in proportion, the $6.6 billion that they have lost would mean that smaller publishers actually don't stand a chance.

Some are saying that by doing this Apple is trying as a hard as possible to only make money from its own apps and by blocking all and only online ads, it is certainly well on its way. Brian Pritz from Jefferies however is suggesting that it isn't such a big deal and that users would need to be using Safari to start with and that it isn't affecting Criteo directly even though 7% of its value of stock seems to have been taken by ad blockers. He says 'In a worst case scenario, this is Apple against the entire mobile publisher and advertiser eco-system; not Criteo itself'. Hopefully this won't affect publishers as much as planned but it doesn't look promising despite Google's attempt for a short term solution to allow them to bypass the ad blocker. Apple have always tried to make the best decision for its users, but unfortunately, this time it is affecting a much wider audience.

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