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Meet Betty, The Tweeting Chicken

There have been many social media accounts created for animals but most of them are more about what is going through their heads. Of course, we all know that it is a human writing the posts, and if you didn't, SPOILER ALERT. Sorry!

Here's the thing. Betty, AKA @ChickenTreat, posts on a Twitter account and manages it herself, well kind of. But yes, you heard me right. She is currently the face of an ad campaign for fast food company Chicken Treat and you can see her with her little keyboard pecking away and posting on the social network. She also has acquired a fair few followers as she has hit 29 thousand as I write.

Ok, she may not have added the hashtag on her own, but scientists have said that if you give a monkey a type writer and an infinite amount of time, it will eventually manage to write the words of Shakespeare. The same goes for Betty. Eventually, with enough time, the combination of letters will end up matching words more and more, therefore she will be able to type full sentences with a bit of practice. Now, yes, this does seem impossible, and it might take longer than she even has to live, but the concept of a chicken having a live account on which she posts regularly is enough to make anyone smile, even a little.

The plan is that she needs to be able to write a 5 letter word from the English language and she'll be let off the hook. She is getting there as the closest she has got would be the word Bum. Not bad at all. For a chicken anyway. Although she probably has no idea how famous she is, she keeps tweeting and people keep retweeting. And, after having been granted a well deserved day off, she has come back strong this morning. You can, or even should follow her on @ChickenTreat for her 'life-changing' tweets.

One of the newest members of The SMF Group. Although she loves a good city life, she grew up in the beautiful French countryside. Who knew that talking to a bunch of cows and friendly chickens would get her here? Quite used to writing stories in her bedroom, she is now deciding if she's cut out for content writing. We'll see! Follow her @SophieAtSMF

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