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Shakira's App 'Love Rocks' Proves the Celebrity Gaming Trend is Still a Thing

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"Join Shakira in a gorgeous gem filled puzzle game and spread the love – wherever, whenever!" Umm... no thanks. Encouragingly worded on Apple's App Store in an attempt to entice you to play the Love Rocks starring Shakira game, I for one am not buying it. The latest insipid offering from the makers of Angry Birds is yet another celebrity endorsed app hoping to gain the popularity and revenue seen by the likes of Kim Kardashian's Hollywood.

In what is so obviously another Bejeweled rip-off, Shakira's new game promises "extra addictive drop3 gameplay" combined with "exotic locales hand-picked" by the star herself. Call me a cynic, but I do wonder how much creative input Shakira or other gaming app celebrities give to these games.

This is the latest contribution to the celebrity gaming world that has seen Katy Perry, Britney Spears and even Jason Statham acquiring their own contracts, and its undeniable that they have the potential to bring in the big bucks. Glu Mobile, the makers of Kim Kardashian's game, reported ridiculous earnings of $43.4 million in their third quarter, which makes up for over half of their overall profits. 


In similar fashion to Kim's game, the new Shakira-featured app is free to download but makes its money through in-app purchases. Shakira puts her stamp on the game in the form of her own high scores that users can attempt to beat, and adapted versions of her songs that fit the gaming space. The game has received largely favourable reviews, and has already gained a four-and-a-half star rating on the App Store. 

Undoubtedly the best celebrity gaming app out there (in my opinion, of course) is Ellen DeGeneres' 'Heads Up'. I have had the app for the best part of a year, and had no idea that it was even produced in association with her. Apparently the game was originally played on her show alongside guests until some bright spark had the idea to turn it into generatable income. Such is the success of the game that it is now being developed into a TV show. It's refreshing to see a game that could have so easily played upon DeGeneres' popularity for its own success, but didn't.

Will Shakira's new venture be a hit? Probably. Whilst there are still users who thrive off this kind of vapid gaming and are willing to spend a pretty penny on the aaaaamazing features available to unlock, its likely there will always be a market for them. 

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