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Laura Everley - The Cancer Survivor Whose Life was Saved by Facebook

For a while already Laura Everley had been experiencing symptoms of bloating and other things which she had simply blamed on her reoccurring IBS. It had been going on for a lot longer than usual but she didn't think too much of it until she spotted a Facebook post on of her friends' timeline.

It explained the stages of the cancer that a friend of a friend had experienced, and once Laura had noted all the symptoms, she realised that she had all of them. Obviously very concerned she visited her doctor who, sure enough, diagnosed her with a type of ovarian cancer called cell carcinoma. She then went ahead getting a full hysterectomy, which meant removing her uterus and ovaries. She already has a son but was devastated by this as she was hoping to have more children, but she did not want the cancer to come back.

She wanted to raise awareness about the symptoms of cancer that she happened to have found online, by mistake. This, of course, is by no means her saying that self-diagnosis is a good idea. She simply wants to help people realise that if something does feel unusual then you should get it checked as it may be nothing but it may be more serious. People have been known to research their symptoms and wind up getting themselves worried about nothing. The rate of hypochondria has increased substantially since the internet has been more accessible, as at the slightest of doubt, people will type in the few symptoms and end up convincing themselves that they have some rare disease.

If Laura had not seen this post, however, she probably would have continued with her life believing that it was just her reoccurring IBS and other minor discomforts she had experienced many a time before. This post did save her life and I am sure that she was grateful to have set eyes on it when she did. There are many posts like these on social media and of course we should all be informed, but if you find yourself in the same position as Laura, try and think rationally, just like Laura, and don't jump to any conclusions until having seen a professional.

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