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YouTube Shopping Ads - The Newest New Way To Shop Online

After Pinterest's Buyable Pins, Twitter's new video ads, now this. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has come up with the new way to advertise on the website, allowing people to purchase items as they appear in videos like those gaming tutorials or how to tie your hair in 5 easy steps. Wojcicki has announced that these ads will be available in the next few weeks.

The way it is displayed is similar to its already existing YouTube Interactive cards which appear on the right side of the video or underneath if you are using your smartphone. If you saw anything that you liked in the video, you will have the option to choose from the drop down list, see the price and be sent directly to the retailer's website. This is going to be extremely popular for those between 18 and 24 as a study showed that 1 in 5 of them actually use YouTube to check out the latest purchasing trends.

It is possible for the feature to be available on eligible creator videos too, broadening the possibilities of businesses being found. They are still testing YouTube Shopping Ads but they are fundamentally similar to Google Ads. It has been said that this is going to 'transform any video into a digital storefront'. The searches will also appear on Google.com giving smaller businesses more chance of being found and used to their advantage. If a video will allow it, then your ad can appear wherever you wish.

In the same way as Google, YouTube's ads will be ranked by popularity and relevance when you enter a search on the website. This allow the viewer to be taken straight to the type of product that they hope to purchase and everytime someone is redirected, that is when the advertiser is paid.

YouTube has been developing constantly over the last year what with the use of the Interactive Cards, then Trueview, and now Shopping Ads, the even easier way to purchase the products there and then, without any delay. The aim is to make it as hassle free as possible, helping customers buy as soon as they see. With Christmas on its way, this might just be the easy way to find out what presents to get everyone.

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